• Brian Garcia  |  Motion Design Technologist

Bridging the gap between design and development

About Brian

Brian is a creative problem solver with the brain of an engineer and the heart of an artist. Crafting the perfect function can be just as satisfying as creating the perfect composition.

Brian’s philosophy when it comes to any area of work is this: “Put your ego aside, solve the problem, and make the client happy.” This is a lesson that his father (also a designer) instilled in him from his very first design project.

He brings a unique set of skills to the table: a degree in Design and a passion for math, logic, and all things technical. This allows him to be the perfect liaison between the disparate worlds of design and development, by truly understanding the importance and purpose of design alongside the technical requirements and limitations of the implementation.

In addition to his technical capabilities, Brian is a passionate artist and animator. Art and animation is more than just about “looking cool”. Telling a story and communicating ideas well is one of his core principles.

Brian has spent a great deal of time working on mockups and proof of concepts using a wide variety of Javascript libraries: Velocity, Phaser, Pixi, Three.js, Babylon, Fabric.js, and D3. This has allowed him to gain a greater understanding of what is and isn’t possible in today’s modern web landscape, and allows him to offer humble but legitimately helpful suggestions to development.

While he’s most familiar with Javascript, he has an eagerness to try and learn whatever technology is needed for the job. He is open-minded to and is constantly looking to see what new technologies are on the horizon.