Brielle Garcia

Snapchat, Spark AR, Unity - AR/VR Designer & Developer

The Moon

Simple AR effect to put the user on the Moon. Head movement controls camera placement.

Fancy Dress

3D scan, retopo, and rig to use with Snapchat's full 3D body tracking.

Godzilla vs Kong

Fun project promoting this film's release.

Lil Nas X - Dance

Custom 3D character modeled, rigged for use with Snapchat's full 3D Body tracking.

Walk on Mars

An AR experience where you can walk around on Mars and look at the new rover.


AR Effect that puts the user inside the Mystery Machine and allows them to control the camera movement.

Samus (Prototype)

Protoype testing out Snapchat's 3D Body tracking.


AR project with Unity. Uses ARKit for face animation. Custom 3D character and rigging.

Fresh Prince

Snapchat & Spark AR effect.

Doom (Prototype)

An experiement to test FPS controls using head movement.

3D Sock Puppet

Snapchat AR Lens. Photogrammetry scan of a real sock. Rigged in Cinema 4D.

3D Stonks

Modeled from scratch. Snapchat Lens.

Desmond Dance

Custom 3D character using full 3D body tracking in Snapchat. Face blendshapes work simultaneously too!


Custom Snapchat lens of the character Desmond by Nick Lutsko.

Amelia Earhart

Snapchat lens celebrating Alemia Earhart. Allows the user to control the plane's movement.


Full custom 3D characters. 3D face scans and rigging. Motion capture body and face performance.

Max Headroom

Custom character using custom a Face mesh.

3D Gameboy Camera

3D scan of Gameboy system. Custom material for pixelated effect on screen.


Custom character using custom a Face mesh.

Lil Nas X - Wings

AR effect replicating the effects in the "Montero" music video.

Neon Boogie

Full 3D scan and motion capture for Snapchat lens.

Wonder Woman 84

Port of a Snapchat Lens to Spark AR

Anime Hair

AR Hair Effect inspired by My Hero Academia


Face rigged 3D character AR effect.


A Snapchat lens inspired by Dr. Eggman from the Sonic games.